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05-21-2012, 6:52 AM
Huh ? What ? oh so blame the moon for your crappy shooting ?

Ya I am stumped, here is the scenario.

SUNDAY LONG RANGE SHOOTING: We are in Oregon a few miles above the CA border, we take along 4 rifles, 2 Weatherby Mark V 's ( older wood classic versons , one is W-257 Mag, one is W-224 Mag and 2 newer Ruger M77 Hawkeye's in 7 Mag , all 4 have customs light triggers, in fact the Weatherby's have triggers in the 'ounces', Rugers break right near 3lbs.

Weatherby's have new Vortex scopes, Ruger's have Nikon Monarchs .

All the rifles have taken game at or longer than 400 yards.

The Rugers have been been free floated and shot consistently and prove over and over to be at worst with standard Remington yellow box ammo to be 1 inch at 200 and sub MOA with hand loads, the W-257 Mag is sub MOA at 200.

Last time we shot the W-257Mag, at 700 yards we were getting about 4 to 6 inch groups with almost zero wind last time out

Ammo is Weatherby hand loads, and for the R- 7's we bring Remington yellow box and Hornady Super performance, one Ruger is sighted in for the cheap Rem ammo and thee other for the expensive Super Performance.

We sand bag them on flat ground Sunday afternoon with a 3 to 5 mile an hour wind coming directly from our back and with all 4 rifles and two highly experienced shooter we cannot get anything under 10 inches, and cannot get any of the rifles to group at all at 100 yards !!!! all of our shots are all over the targets at 100 yards, the wind is not shifting nor is there are wind tunnel running between us and the targets.

The only things we can 'guess' at is either a vortex were the magnetic field is super strong or super weak right where we are or the eclipse is pulling on us in a weird way or we both are shooting 4 separate rifles that all just happen to have broken scopes that just happen to break at the same time ??????

We have never shot in that area before and know of not one who has so there is no data or 'legend' of odd magmatic happenings.

DISCLAIMER: No we don't wear tin foil hats and I am the only one who listens to Coast2Coast , lol, we both ended up wearing the same clothes and our watches did not stop and did not see any 'discs' in the air not even a clay pigeon :D

We don't drink, we don't smoke anything, we don't take any medications and we are mature experienced hunters not precision shooters ) and 'moderately' experienced medium distance shooters ( under 1000 yards ) shooters with many hours behind these rifles.

We were so blown away at not being able to print 1 single group with 4 rifles under 10 inches at 100 yards we gave up and drove home !!!

(( theme sound from Twilight Zone )) Do do do do, de de de de do do do do

05-21-2012, 7:52 AM
Solar Eclipse.

r8dr rider
05-21-2012, 9:40 AM
^What he said

05-21-2012, 9:43 AM
it would be pretty hard to shoot a target 100 yards away during a lunar eclipse.. lol

Meety Peety
05-21-2012, 4:03 PM
it would be pretty hard to shoot a target 100 yards away during a lunar eclipse.. lol
nowai nytesytes bro!

05-21-2012, 4:29 PM
"Solar" sorry,

Sooooooo I 'think' it mite be that we had brought along home made sand bags that were left out in the open in back of the truck thru rain and sun that got real real hard , then we placed them on a hard surface ( giant flat rock ) so I think it was causing a small 'bump' - 'hop' type of 'jar' during ignition thus there was no cushion or soft spot.

Why do I say this, as I am just a hamburger not a true experienced distance shooter, well I remember watching a video a few years back were a long ranger hunter and custom rifle maker said: 'Don't place your bi-pod on hard pack ground, as it can cause your shots to string and / or be erratic'.

Then I read a special edition of Outdoor Life from a few months ago were snipers were training civilians and he too said something to thee effect: "dig out a soft spot for your bi-pod don't place it on hard pan".

The only way to test this is to go back and bring my new soft leather sand bag's.

What say You.


05-21-2012, 4:29 PM
you mean solar eclipse haha

05-21-2012, 6:22 PM
Physics fail.