View Full Version : WTS/TT Ops Inc brake SPFSPFSPF

05-20-2012, 1:00 PM
Greetings all,

I have a lightly used Ops inc set from an abandoned mk12 build. 556 in 12X28. Approx 1k rnds on it. half that w/o suppressor.

The collar shows signs of use and the brake itself looks nearly new. The thread protector is clean and removes easily.

SOLD PENDING FUNDS-----------------------------------------

Trades to which I can add cash:
Magpul STR in black or FDE
B5 stock in black or fde
Rainer evolution rail in 12 or 11"
Knights sights, ambi select, trigger group and guard.
Knights anything really.
OmegaX in 7"
Battlecomp 1.5
AAC miter mounts.
SWS rails, noveske or otherwise.
quality 14.5 barrel middy.
Primary arms clones.
ADM mounts.

Offer up. Please email or Pm questions.

No pics right now unfortunately.