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05-07-2007, 7:23 PM

Interesting read and you get more out of it the 2nd or 3rd time thru.

I thought this passage was of special interest.

Sec. 18. Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, unless for the punishment of crimes, shall ever be tolerated in this State.

This is significant if you think about all those farms that need service during harvest season. They're starting it in some places but they actually pay the inmates, and it appears they don't have to. Wow, no need for the migrants now LOL.

Have a great Kenpo day


05-07-2007, 7:24 PM
That is awesome!

I have always believed that prisoners should be put to work and actually help society.

05-07-2007, 7:27 PM
Well this is a "right to work" state. :)

05-07-2007, 7:27 PM
Great find Kempo.:D

Sec. 5. The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when, in cases of rebellion or invasion, the public safety may require its suspension.

This one is very interesting. Ill bet there is an identical one like it in the Constitution for the united States.

Wouldn't this make Bush guilty of a High Crime ? since he suspended it did he not ?