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05-19-2012, 10:55 AM
Please see my iOS NM Collector Software (http://www.nmios.com/) page for more information.

With the desktop version, the Android version, and now the Kindle version of NM Collector Software stable I have decided it is now time to develop a an iOS (iPhone, iPod, and iPod) version. I am starting my development effort by putting together a first cut, very rough, User Interface Prototype to gather feedback from Apple device users.

This prototype is admittedly very ugly with lots of known issues (listed at www.nmios.com (http://www.nmios.com)) but, with your help, will improve over time. I just want to get it out as early as possible for people to get in on the ground floor of this project.

For rapid application development, it is currently implemented using Adobe Flash. This approach will make it easy to gather the requirements necessary to implement a native iOS application for distribution through the Apple iTunes store. My Apple Developer Program membership is approved and in place. Now it is just a matter of developing a product to distribute through iTunes!

Please keep in mind the primary purpose of this project is to give NM Collector Software users the ability to export their data to their iOS devices, make minor adjustments from those devices, and re-import their data back into NM Collector Software. It is not meant to be an all new stand alone application. So, a familiarity with NM Collector Software will benefit any reviewers.


06-11-2012, 4:53 PM
You can get the beta two ways. You can use iTunes or TestFlight. It's your choice how you want to do this. Please find instructions for each choice below:

Option 1: TestFlight (http://tflig.ht/N5KYFg)

Click link above and request to be a tester
I will add you to the list of testers and notify you when ready.

Option 2: iTunes

Download these two files

The application file (NmCollector.ipa (http://www.nmios.com/downloads/NmCollector.ipa))
Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile (NMGuns_Distribution.mobileprovision (http://www.nmios.com/downloads/NMGuns_Distribution.mobileprovision))

Drag both files into iTunes,

Then sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iTunes to install.

Suggested usage:

Export Firearms data from NM Collector Software using File > Export > to Android CSV.
Copy resulting AndroidNMGuns.csv file and related picture folders to your iOS device.

I was able to copy the .csv file to my iOS devise using iTunes.
However I could not copy the pictures folders to my iOS device.
It may not be possible without the use of additional third party software.
Worst case, you can do what I did and synch the pictures with your iOS device (as explained here (http://support.apple.com/kb/PH3248?viewlocale=en_US)) and manually add them to NmCollector.

Start NmCollector on your iOS device.
Delete any sample data that you do not want.
Import your firearms by clicking the "Import" button.
Make whatever changes you want. Add pictures.
Export your updated firearms data by clicking the "Export" button.
Copy resulting AndroidNMGuns.csv file and related picture folders to your desktop computer.
Import the updates into your NM Collector Software firearms using File > Import > from Android CSV.

Known Issues with iOS Beta!

Before making suggestions please review the known issues below. Thanks!

Known performance problems with panning the gun list table. May have to use a different approach for listing guns.
Limited to one orientation for now.
Not very iOS friendly yet. Help me make it better for iOS users with your feedback and suggestions!

06-13-2012, 4:13 PM
1. I believe I solved the performance issue when scrolling the Gun List.

2. If you are trying to use the iTunes option, please send me your device ID so I can add you to the list of authorized devices for Ad-Hoc distribution. Please see my iOS website (http://www.nmios.com/) for more information including a link to how to find your Device ID.

3. I'm not sure whether or not I will be charging for the app on the Apple App Store, but if I do, all testers will get to have it for free for as long as it is available.


08-12-2012, 6:36 AM
Added the ability to display your guns in a grid or a list. The grid is slower to scroll but provides sorting by manufacturer, model, or serial number with the click of a column header. The list is fast to scroll but is not sortable.

I have updated my iOS NM Collector (http://www.nmios.com/) page to reflect the latest information including links to the updates. I think TestFlight is the best way to go.


08-12-2012, 8:06 AM