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gun toting monkeyboy
05-18-2012, 12:28 PM
I am moving this to the CFR section because this is where most of the AR questions are. And the fact that nobody in the handguns section has answered.

Ok, here is my situation. I have an 80% lower that is ready to go. I have everything I need except a pistol-length action (buffer) tube and carbine buffer. I do, however, still have an extra ACE action tube gusset. That is the piece that they sell to hold their pistol action tube on the lower receiver. And I have an A1 action tube, rifle buffer, and action spring. Since I am NOT going to be mounting any kind of butt stock on this pistol, is there any reason not to use the A1 action tube and buffer? It adds about 3 inches to the overall length of the pistol, but other than that, it is no different that the pistol tubes ACE sells. I just want opinions here. And please actually read the question before responding.


05-18-2012, 12:48 PM
Might be a bad idea if you have spare rifle stocks that could attach to it (constructive possession) but this could easily be fixed by removing the threads on the mounting point of the tube.

I used one on my AR pistol, no issues otherwise.

Nathan Krynn
05-18-2012, 1:46 PM
If you mount a rifle buffer tube (A1 and A2 are the same tube) then that lower is a rifle can never be a pistol again as you mounted a rifle buffer tube. It would be the same as mounting a mil-spec / commercial buffer tube on it.

If a buffer tube can accept a stock then it is a rifle, doesn't matter if you don't have a stock sleeve to put on it.

However if you permanently modify the buffer tube prior to putting it on so it may never accept a stock, then put it on the lower you are good to go.

05-18-2012, 3:02 PM
^^^ Incorrect. I posted an ATF letter not long ago of them saying it is absolutely legal and just be aware of constructive possession. The letter specifically says that a rifle extention tube does NOT create a rifle because those pieces are necessary for the operation of the rifle and are not consider buttstock components.

MrPlink is very much correct. You can do it legally, just be aware of constructive possession. If you modify the tube to not accept a buttstock, that is considered an effective way to avoid constructive possession.

gun toting monkeyboy
05-18-2012, 3:35 PM
The ACE gusset that holds the tube on prevents the tube from accepting an A1 or A2 stock. The only thing that I would be able to mount on it would be something like an ACE Ultralite, or something like that. Of which I have none laying around. So I am not overly concerned about the constructive possession. When I used a carbine tube on one of my other pistol builds, I put several rivets and washers through it to prevent it from being able to accept a carbine buttstock. With this one, I would have to completely take apart the back of the lower to swap out the gusset. And by the same token, I could very easily mount an ACE stock on the ACE pistol action tube with no more difficulty that I would have with the rifle length tube. My only real concern is the added 3 or so inches on the tube. It makes it much more comfortable to shoot.


05-18-2012, 3:39 PM
My only real concern is the added 3 or so inches on the tube. It makes it much more comfortable to shoot.


depends on your preference and shooting style.

Im only 5'7 and I like to shoot NTCH, as such I cant square my body up and have to twist bit to the right to get into my preferred position.

05-18-2012, 4:21 PM
Add what ever buffer tube you like it does not matter, beware having a extra stock laying around its asking for trouble.

05-18-2012, 5:24 PM
I did respond in your other thread. I would add to that response that the gusset holding on the tube doesn't prevent constructive possession issues. I suppose it might if it were somehow permanently attached to the buffer tube, but I don't think you're going to do that. In any case, one could likely Dremel a buttstock so that it would fit over the gusset.

My analysis if pretty much like Mr. Plink's.

gun toting monkeyboy
05-18-2012, 6:07 PM
But don't all of those problems also apply to their regular pistol stocks? The only difference is 2 1/2-3" in length. And they don't have any problem selling their pistol length ones. Oh, and thanks for responding up there. It went all morning without a peep in handguns. I had an answer in under 20 minutes in here.


05-19-2012, 9:19 AM
Yes, the same issues apply to their entry-length pistol receiver extensions as well.