View Full Version : Another Vaguely Comical Medium-Range Desert Shooting Report

05-17-2012, 9:03 PM
The first time I went to the super-secret desert 1,000 yard shooting spot, I pooped out walking with all the gear, dumped it and just shot into the hill I had intended to shoot from.

This time I made two trips and it was a snap to walk in the 600 yards. However. I began to notice the wind on the way up the hill. At the top it felt like a minor hurricane. Had to be 30-40 mph with harder gusts. (Looking at the weather *after* I got back, turns out there was a wind advisory for up to 55-60 mph winds. Woops)

So despite being all topped off with egg salad sandwich, salt and vinegar chips, and plenty of electrolytes, there was no way I was going to walk a target out a kilometer and then miss it every time. 500 yards seemed reasonable with those kinds of winds.

Observations: It was extremely difficult for me to find the target, let alone hit the target. I could pick it up easily on the spotting scope, but when I switched to the rifle, it just wasn't there. Between series of shots, it took me 5-10 minutes to locate it (14 power scope that I played with between 4.5 and 14). Everything just looked the same out there. No point of reference that I could really use.

Once I found it, I would have to hold one, two, or three mils left. Gusts this way, that way. Realized why most wind estimation ends with 10-12 mph... people probably just don't shoot when it's considerably more than that.

The new lrf: Wonderful. 6x magnification. Ranging was right on the money, as was the suggested MOA adjustment. It was easier to find the target with the rangefinder, actually because I just aligned it with the spotting scope and ran it up and down a bit. At 500 yards though a 12" target, painted white, is really hard to see. Overall I had 6 hits out of 20 shots. A new high in humbling. The fire ant that tried to chew its way through my arm was fun too.

[Was shooting 175 grain bullets out of 26" .308] Just for fun I went here to see what the bullet was doing in a 50 mph wind: http://gundata.org/ballistic-calculator/

7 feet of deflection. That's what, 4.5 mils?