View Full Version : Need Advice/Help on 80% build

05-17-2012, 4:44 PM
hi fellow calgunners, I want to undertake my first AR build with an 80% lower. are there any brands/manufacturers I should stay away from or look for? I saw an anodized 80% lower at TDS in San Diego, I think it's made by Aero Precision--are the good or bad?

what kind of drill press should I get?

thanks in advance

05-17-2012, 4:56 PM
drill press cant take a side load, you need a mill

look http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=315007

05-17-2012, 5:03 PM
Search 80% lower build party. There is one in san diego. Ask them which lowers they are using