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05-17-2012, 3:44 PM
Ok. I need a little help.

I'd like to minimize muzzle rise without obscuring my vision with flash.

I don't like the booms and energy wave when someone uses a muzzle break next to me, so why do it to someone else? Too bad we can't use cans to keep the noise down.

I don't want to produce dust clouds around me when I shoot prone.

So what HFs surpresses flash, reduces muzzle rise, reduces felt recoil, doesn't interfere with vision/optics, doesn't produce a dust cloud when shooting prone, and doesn't piss off people next to me from the sonic blast of a muzzle brake?

05-17-2012, 3:49 PM
None. You can have one or the other. The ones that do both are good at neither.

PWS is a good break that doesn't flash to bad. But it is loud as hell to the people on your left and right will hate you.

The flaming pig is more than likely your best bet. But it's not going to do all the things you're asking for. That's just not possible with out a suppressor.

05-17-2012, 5:40 PM
And suppressors are generally not available...

Does the Vortex kick up dust and make more noise? I understand that is reduces muzzle flash and rise.

I understand the YHM phantom with the closed bottom like an A2 doesn't kick up dust, but I have no idea if it is any better than an A2.


05-17-2012, 5:52 PM
Vortex works as well as the a2 for flash hiding. It's not a muzzle break at all. It is four open prongs. I ran it on my 5.56 and now have it on my .22lr. It does kick up dust when you shoot prone. Phantom flash hiders work the same as an A2 but they don't reduce muzzle rise.

I am running a YHM break on my 5.56 now. Bright flash and a much louder report. Plus it does hit the people on my left and right with a concussion.

05-17-2012, 6:03 PM
You would think that someone would have come up with a design that improves upon the A2 in all catagories.

Sounds like the $10 A2 will remain on my rifle for the time being.


05-17-2012, 7:15 PM
I'd either get 44 A2's or 1 KAC triple tap

Keep in mind this video the barrel length is from 10.5 to 11.5 which makes a big difference in the amount of unburnt powder.

A2, PWS FSC, and Surefire FH556


A2, SV, and AAC BO on either a 14.5" or 16"


05-17-2012, 7:28 PM
Triple taps throw a huge fireball