View Full Version : Any input on rguns BCGs?

Meety Peety
05-17-2012, 1:09 PM
Hey guys, I'm about to order a BCG to complete my new AR and I was pretty set on BCM as I've had good experience with them in the past. I had already pretty much concluded that I would skip the nickle boron as the only reason I would want it is for the look of it. I lube my guns regardless and I clean them well regardless, so virtually the only benefit for me would be that I happen to like the look of the nickle boron. That and the fact that there's not much in stock right now.. just don't see the point. So anyway, I was all set to just stick with BCM when I saw that Rguns offers a NiB BCG for the same price, in stock. So does anyone have any experience with the Rguns NiB BCG? I'm not real fond of parting ways with my tried and true BCM.. but if they're equal in quality, I wouldn't mind the look of it. Please keep in mind, I'm not asking the typical "Is NiB good?" - I'm asking very specifically about the Rguns BCG, since it really doesn't seem like many people have them or have reviewed it.