View Full Version : Went to Burro today...

05-06-2007, 7:42 PM
...and had a great time! Never been there before... Wanted to try out the new Carbon15. It was fairly crowded, no benches open when we first got there. Went to checked in/paid and cruised back over to the rifle range. Had to stand around for only about 5 minutes or so and we got the far left bench! There were some guys who kind of looked like trouble next to us but they were actually super nice, and even gave up one of their chairs for my wife (we didn't ask, they just gave it to her).... and then after a few minutes they gave me a chair too. There was no craziness or anything going on... only got muzzle swept once by the guys next to us but his buddies were quick to chew him out. The AR worked flawless, but I only got to shoot 40 or so rounds out of the 200 we took. My wife shot the other 160 :) Kind of not fair, I bought the rifle for me, not her hehe. I think we shot up our target frame more than the target :) I was shooting the Mini14 with a scope that I had just set up with a laser bore sighter but it just was not consistant.... I later realized that the scope rings had worked themselves loose...ugh. I thought I had them on tight, but I didn't want to gorilla grip them... Guess I will have to crank them down next time. The two benches to our right were clear so I didn't have to worry about our flying brass.... Well, at least until some guys came to the bench to our immediate right. Apparantly my Mini14 flings brass WAY further than the AR.... my wife said my spent brass was bouncing off the roof and hitting the guys in the head and back and stuff. I felt bad so I didn't shoot the Mini14 anymore. I wanted to appologize (if you are reading this, SORRY!) but I wasn't sure if they spoke English. It sounded like they were speaking Farsi. After I moved the target from 100 yds to 50 yds it fell over... I thought it was the wind but when I went to get it the target had a big shotgun blast to the top of it... I figured someone was trying to tell us something so we just left.

All in all it was a great day! I think I will be going back to that range!

Now my wife wants her own AR..... ugh... more money :p