View Full Version : Glock 34 Wear (PICS) with Froglube...Is it Normal?

05-16-2012, 11:24 PM
An update to my prior thread where I was having FTF issues on a new Glock 34 treated with Froglube. I have since put an additional 300 rounds through the gun for a total of 500. They have mostly been a mix of Federal Champion 115g and Aguila 124g. The FTF issue has not returned though the slide occasionally does not lock back after the last round...I have tried 3 different magazines and have noticed that it tends to happen slightly more with one of the mags and completely understand that it may be me limp wristing. At around the 100 round mark I noticed some wear developing in the area pointed out by the blue arrows in the following picture http://i1171.photobucket.com/albums/r558/cycledrivefly/g34wear1.jpg

This wear has progressed and I am wondering if it is normal?

Also I had a friend lend me some Slip2000 to try out and while field stripping and cleaning the G34 I noticed some gold colored flakes on my microfiber towel as I was wiping the rails on the slide and the metal pieces on the lower receiver that fit into those channels (both the rails and the metal pieces that guide the slide were lubed with Froglube before. Are these gold colored flakes normal?


I do really like how quickly Froglube cleans the gun, the nontoxic smell as I clean inside of our apartment and have a pregnant wife, the simplicity and space saving aspect of having my entire gun cleaning kit composed of Froglube and an Otis kit, etc. I am more interested in spending time shooting then cleaning but want to get some more experienced Glock shooters here to tell me if this wear is normal?

05-16-2012, 11:44 PM
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