View Full Version : Licensed electrician and carpet installation...if offer accepted (NorCal)

05-16-2012, 8:36 AM
Will be getting word on whether our offer on a house in Cloverdale will be accepted or not. Needs work, natch, but most of it I can handle: painting, trim, laminate flooring, etc.

What I can't do is electrical or carpet installation. Going to need 3 ceiling fans installed. For whatever reason when the house was built the switch was wired to an outlet. I would like to make that outlet always hot and use the switch for a ceiling fan w/light. Ideally two button switch with the light on a slider and the fan on a 3 position switch. Why people don't do this when they build a house is beyond me. :mad:

And then carpet in the 4 rooms.

I would buy all the materials needed, unless you can get a better deal, and would be willing to help. Pretty skinny and I take direction well so I can help by clambering around in the attic running wires and do general grunt.

Going to be a pretty tight time frame; < 2 weeks to get this work done so I can move my family in.

PM me.