View Full Version : WTS or WTT: 1919A4 package deal for sale

05-05-2007, 4:07 PM
Allied Armament 1919A4. Itís been converted to 8mm. The barrel and shroud have been shortened to 16.5 inches.
It has:
Allied Armament spade grips.
Anti Aircraft tripod, T&E.
Dual ammo can holder.
Tripod leg stabilizer.
Allied scope mount.
2600-3000 individual metal links.These can only be linked into 10 rounds or less at a time.
20 round link loader.
308 barrel, booster and round guide.
NO 308 shroud is included. I think you can find one for about 40 bucks to make the 308 conversion complete if you decided to shoot that caliber.
8mm ammo, have to check how much I have.

I want to sell this as a complete package. OR I will trade for a tactical Benelli and some cash.

$1700.00 OBO

Buyer pays transfer fees.
FTF in the bay area.


05-06-2007, 12:08 AM
wow. i'm really, realy, tempted.

so it fires 8mm mauser? can it shoot surplus yugo? and how hard would it be to clean after corrosive surplus?