View Full Version : EDM Machinist Wanted - East Bay

05-15-2012, 9:46 AM
We should soon have a posting up for a machinist with extensive R&D experience in both wire and sinker EDM. Candidates should also have advanced knowledge of CAD, CAM, and GD&T, as well as the general machining skills required to build their own fixturing.

We have model year 2009 Mitsubishi FA20VS wire and EA12V sinker EDMs, an older Mits DWC-200H wire and a nearly new Mits ED2000 hole popper. In the next few years we expect to replace the older wire with a new one and will likely buy an additional machine supporting fine-wire work.

We are an R&D affair, making mostly one-off and small quantity runs. We rarely make more than ten or twenty of anything, so someone who likes machining shouldnít be bored. We machine a lot of stainless, aluminum, and copper, with a fair dose of all kinds of other materials, some of which can be very difficult to machine. Much of our EDM work is very complex with extremely tight tolerances on feature size, form, location, orientation, and surface finish.

We have a spacious, very nicely equipped shop with engine lathes, Bridgeports, grinders, CNC machining centers (3,4 & 5-axis), CNC turning centers, a live-tooling turning center, the complement of EDM listed above, a waterjet machine, and both SLA and ABS plastic Rapid Prototyping machines.

Note: Iím posting this here in hopes that a CalGuns member might do both of us a favor by being the most qualified person I can find for these positions. I interview only those who appear to be qualified through their resume and I hire the most qualified people I can find. In other words, I donít do favors for anyone.

PM me for details.