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Hi folks, do any of you folks know where the best info can be found on rem 12ga sportsman 58 shotguns?, my neighbour has one he wants to sell and we dont know the value? it has 2 barrels ,a gold coloured trigger, used in average condition. cheers Tim

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There is a pretty good multi page thread over at THR.com. I have one that my girlfriend bought me for my birthday, and I really like it. I only have one barrel, fixed skeet choke. I would love to have another barrel or two, or at least a barrel with interchangeable choke tubes. But, an 870 barrel will fit. The only thing is that the 870 barrel would need gas port holes drilled. I have an 870 barrel that I plan on doing this to one I figure out a fixture to get the holes in just the right spot.

The Sportsman shotguns will only hold two rounds in the tube mag, there is no plug to pull out to get extrsa capacity. I don't know what my GF paid for mine, but I saw one in good condition at Imbert & Smithers and they wanted $200 for it, about 8 years ago. Hope this helps.

Edit: That link above tells what size hole to drill in an 870 barrel to make it work with a 58, the chart says one hole, however my SPT 58 barrel has two holes in it, and there are two corresponding holes that port the gas to the piston cylinder. This may matter very little to you as you would have two barrels to pick from.

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I own one. Inherited it from my Grandfather. Need to get it fixed. It won't cycle shells automatically.

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I own one. Inherited it from my Grandfather. Need to get it fixed. It won't cycle shells automatically.

Do you have the "dial o matic" set right. You set it for the load you are shooting. If you have it set for high base loads, it will not function properly if you shoot low base loads through it. Here's what the owners manual has to say:

Light and Heavy Load Selection

The magazine cap is vented to reduce the recoil and ensure proper operation of your shorgun when firing light or heavy loads including the MAGNUM loads. Rotate the "Dial-a-Matic" selector ("L" - Light, "H" - Heavy) clockwise towards the barrel to match any of the three raised marks on the magazine cap. This will vent the piston mechanism sufficiently for the load used.

FOr the "Sporttsman"-58 STANDARD model (2 3/4 in. chamber), match the "H" letter on the selector to the raised mark on the cap when shooting heavy or standard length MAGNUM loads. Match the "L" letter to the raised mark for light loads. For rifled slugs or 00 buckshot, match the "L" letter to the raised mark on the cap.

For the "Sportsman"-58 12 gauge MAGNUM model (3 in. chamber), match the "H" letter to the raised mark when shooting 3 inch Magnum shells. When shooting 2 3/4 inch standard length Magnum shells in this model match the "L" letter to the raised mark on the cap.

Here is a link to the High Road thread:


I believe your problem may have been addressed in that thread.

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Thanks for the info guys, i will check out the link!