View Full Version : Mayflower Plate carrier, Surplus Gear, Boots

05-10-2012, 11:59 PM
Hey everyone,

I got a bunch of stuff that I am selling for my brother in law. Right now I have a Mayflower plate carrier up for grabs, color is coyote. Pretty much brand new, but its gotta go! I believe that this is the same model that Travis Haley used before he left Magpul Dynamics.

Here is a photo from Mayflower:

Looking $120 shipped or $100 face to face in SoCal

Also got a bunch of ACU gear, boots, and pouches that I need to sort but I want to get the plate carrier sold first so it can fund my brother in law's PIG carrier

Pics will be up soon!
Questions? Email Me (rwvillanueva@gmail.com)!