View Full Version : Where to Shoot in the Eldorado National Forest

05-03-2007, 3:52 PM
People are always asking. So here's one place that's different than most. You can shoot out to 200+ yards. Just be careful not to shoot the new trees, and police your trash please (and anyone else's if you can). Take a stapler and your own targets, there's plenty of sticks on the ground to attach paper too.

This is on Snow Mill Road, off Morman Emmigrant Trail.

Take the Sly Park Road exit from Hwy 50, and turn right onto Sly Park Road.
Turn left onto Morman Emmigrant Trail.

From Hwy 50 to Snow Mill Road is approximately 10.3 miles.
From Bonetti Road it's 2.2 miles.
From Park Creek Road it's .3 miles (on the left just before you get to SMR)

Turn right onto SMR, and it's about 1/3-1/2 mile on partially paved/dirt road.

You won't need a 4x4, but low riders need not apply.

Snow Mill Road off MET (normally there's a visible sign)


The place to park right off the road


The stump and target (circled) are approx 100 yards


This stump is just shy of 200 yards from where my vehicle was parked