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05-09-2012, 3:49 AM
Make: Smith and Wesson

Model: M&P9

Caliber: 9mm

Location (city or county): Oakland

Price: $550, $810 w/ mag kits (I'm not interested in any trades)

Will ship (Y/N): Yes

Other info:

M&P 9mm w/ 10 mag rebuild kits, Apex Tactical Parts, & night sights – $550 for pistol with Apex sear and USB and AmeriGlo front night sight and rear black serrated sight; $810 for pistol with mag kits. PM me if you're interested.

The mag kits go with the gun, unless the purchaser of the gun doesn’t want them. Don’t ask or PM me with “dibs” on the mag kits... ain’t happening.

I’d prefer a PPT in the SF Bay Area (I’m in Oakland), but will ship if your FFL will accept from an individual and you’ll cover costs.

This M&P has never been fired beyond the factory test firing. I intended to use it in USPSA competition, but when I put it in the holster, the beavertail interfered with my ability to a grip, showing a good potential to tear up the web of my hand (it’s just the way my web is built). The magwell’s dinged up a bit from practicing reloads, but otherwise the gun’s flawless (no holster wear since I only had it in there a couple times, quickly finding out the beavertail issue).


An Apex Tactical sear (https://apextactical.com/store/product-info.php?pid18.html) ($39.95) and Ultimate Striker Block (https://apextactical.com/store/product-info.php?pid20.html) ($34.95) have been installed.

The rear sight has been replaced with an AmeriGlo black, serrated unit (http://www.ameriglo.net/catalog/sights/pistol-sights/smith-wesson/black-sights/rear-sights) ($35) (The original rear sight is included.)


I removed the mag safety and disassembly levers. Takedown is still easy: lock the slide back, flip the takedown lever, slowly let the slide forward, pull the trigger when the slide’s in battery, pull the slide off. I still have the safety and disassembly parts along with a mag safety deactivation spring (http://www.speedshooterspecialties.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=103_90_191&products_id=1058&zenid=9f3693502af3cd7fe9affa3b96d4dd3b) ($4) (use it if you want the disassembly lever, but not the mag safety installed... gotta have something take up the space left by the mag safety parts to keep the disassembly lever in place). I can reinstall the parts, if you'd like.

The only other things done to it are the backstrap has been changed to a large (there’s also a poorly modified large one included [I got ham-fisted with the X-Acto] as well as the medium and small ones) and it’s been lubed with Slide Glide.

There is also an AmeriGlo .130” wide front night sight (SW-800-230T) (http://www.ameriglo.net/catalog/sights/pistol-sights/smith-wesson/night-sights/front-sights) ($50) ready to be installed.

Let me reiterate, I will not sell the mag rebuild kits without selling the gun first. The buyer of the pistol can decide whether he or she would like to purchase them or not. There are 10 mag rebuild kits. They include the standard basepads as well as basepads from the compact model (http://www.speedshooterspecialties.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=0&products_id=957&zenid=e8f36ad381afcbff2e78025550da4ae9) ($2 each, $20 total), which more closely follow the shape of the mag, so there’s not a long “tongue” at the front of the mag.


05-10-2012, 4:03 AM
To answer a question that came up and may come up again.

The mag kits are from full capacity magazines, so 17 rounds if they were assembled as the parts currently sit. Know, however, that assembling them would be a violation of CA Penal Code § 32310 as it would be considered "manufacturing" (they were imported as kits).

When I got the gun, there were a couple things I noticed about the OE 10-round mags:
it was VERY difficult to get 10-rounds in them, let alone seat a 10-round mag in the gun quickly—I intended to use the full capacity magazine bodies as the basis for "10.5-round" mags, so that the 1/2 bullet width would make loading the mag and reloading the gun easier; and

the long lip on the front of the mag was very uncomfortable during reloads and caused me to bobble the reloads quite a bit—I got the compact magazine basepads to overcome this issue.

There are a few options for limiting the capacity:

Although the above links are all for different guns (i.e. not the M&P), I think they could all be adapted to work. I never got around to doing it because I had never had the time to go shoot it before deciding it wasn't for me.

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