View Full Version : SPF AR15 M4 stock - San Diego

Meety Peety
05-07-2012, 8:53 PM

Bought a buffer kit with a stock included, ended up buying a CTR stock instead, so I have no use for this one. It's brand new, shipment just came in today. It locks up really nice with my PSA tube. Has the sling mount and PSA logo on the right side. Sale is only for the stock, picture was taken for another purpose, buffer assembly not included. Looking for $20 FTF or $25 shipped. SPF

Will consider trades (Locally) +/- cash for a few things I need to finish my rifle:
Magpul MIAD black
10/20 or 10/30 pmag black
Magpul gen 2 BUIS - need both but one or the other is fine
BCM gunfighter CH