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05-06-2012, 11:00 AM
One of the biggest pain in the butts about buying any product is trying to figure out if its going to work. When asking about muzzle brakes everyone thinks they have the best. You read the reviews and try to determine which one is the right one to buy.

My DD has a PWS brake and it works OK. The one think I do not like about it is the blast concussion, it is loud even to the shooter. Standing next to it is obnoxious! The brake is effective at doing what it is meant to do which is tame recoil.

I read review after review and watched a ton of videos trying to determine which brake might reduce recoil and not be so dang loud to the shooter and yes I know all about the battlecomp. I decided against the battlecomp for reasons of my own.

The brake I went with was the Surefire brake. It is a two port brake with two additional vents on top to control muzzle rise. The brake works! It does not have the blast concussion when I am shooting it and it is incredibly flat shooting. In my opinion its better than the PWS when doing a side by side with the same ammo. My wife also tested it and thought it had less recoil as well. Recovery time is faster on target. It simply has less bounce and rise allowing you to keep the target centered.

After shooting my way through multiple 10rd mags doing fast double taps I was surprised as hell to see most of my bullets in center mass of the target (50yds 12") and a majority of those in the direct center. I was running a 3.5x Acog as optics. It was no issue keeping the circle donut on the red bullseye while double tapping it. The week before shooting with a bird cage the bullets were all over the place.

One more thing to mention. My rifle with the SF brake has NO AFG and the rifle with the PWS did have an AFG. The AFG allows a more sturdy grip and tuck to the rifle. I feel if the rifle had an AFG it would have been even that much better. But running them back to back there was a noticeable difference to the shooter in feel.

A short video......

SF brake is on first gun and PWS on second

05-06-2012, 11:18 AM
Well to be fair to both brakes, you shot them on different guns so it isn't the end all test IMO.

I was laying next to my brother at his 5 oclock spotting for him and I didn't find the PWS concussion noticeable at all. I sat in between my buddy shooting my AR with PWS and my Dad shooting his Garand and the noise and concussion was nearly the same.

I did manage to sit next to an AR10 with a Surefire and I hide behind my range bag, but I think it had to to more with the caliber than the Surefire.

05-06-2012, 11:43 AM
I like the video and for me it reaffirms the fact that you should always buy the one you like. I have a PWS on my FAL and it is a little loud but not uncomfortably so. In my opinion (ignore the rest) I've never really noticed that much of a difference on my .223 rifles when it comes to a muzzle brake.

05-06-2012, 12:52 PM
Close, but not a fair experiment. The guns run differently as indicated by the ejection patterns.
Either way both products are good quality.