View Full Version : I was having a great time at the range with the .22!

Lead Waster
05-03-2012, 3:16 PM
I took my SP-01 to Reeds at lunch to get a bit of practice in, because I want to shoot the USPSA match at Richmond on Sunday. I also took along my Ruger 22/45 and my new Ultimate Clip Reloader.

The UCR Worked OK, but I needed a screwdriver to adjust it and I didn't have it.

The SP-01 was a tack driver as usual. The .22 shot low 2 inches at 7 yards.

But after 100+ rounds of 9mm, I was having a blast just shooting the .22. I don't care it it doesn't have any kick or anything. You pull the trigger and it goes boom (or pop!).

It was fun until I got a jam, cleared it, then when I went to aim it ... THE FRONT SIGHT FELL OFF! LOL!

The front sight is attached to the (unknown brand) compensator, which in turn is screwed into the original front sight's screw hole.

It took a while to spot the soot covered little sight in amongst all the .22 cases and other assorted crud, in front of the firing line. Luckily I could reach it with a broom.

What a bummer! But it also reminded me how much fun that silly gun is, and how great it is that the ammo is so cheap!

This is a total CSB post, but I just had a fun time at the range and wanted to gloat.