View Full Version : South San Jose: Looking for Accounting or IT work.

05-03-2012, 12:18 PM

I have a BS in Accounting from SJSU, but have been unable to find full-time, perminent work since graduation. I have been working 'temp' jobs through Accountemps for the past couple years, and while I am certainly glad to have a paycheck - I'm tired of the agency taking almost half my pay, getting no benefits, sick/vacation days, etc.

I am looking mainly for work in the accounting/finance fields as that is what I have a degree in. However, I am also interested in IT work. I've been building computer systems and doing troubleshooting, repair, and networking for over twelve years. I also have two years of college work in CS, and 6 months spent running CircuitCity's version of a GeekSquad tech bench.

I am a hard worker and a fast learner, and I am looking for a career, not just a paycheck. Someplace that I can hopefully grow with for years to come.

Resumes are available by request, or you can find me on Linkedin (http://www.Linkedin.com/in/CrawfordJ). With my degree and experience, I am looking for at least $20/hr positions.