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05-02-2012, 10:37 AM
Before I start, let me head off the usual "buy a real safe" comments. I am well aware of the weaknesses of the cabinet, but I live in a small apartment in the second story and a safe is not an option. At the moment I'm just trying to make due with what I have.

My question is:

Do you guys have any suggestions of how I can modify the cabinet to make it more secure? I've already bolted it to the wall studs in my closet and maybe looking to reinforce the door a little bit, maybe with fiber glass to make it harder to kick in.

Stone Cobra
05-02-2012, 6:21 PM
Though you only have so much to work with, it sounds like you have taken the right course of correctly anchoring it to the structure you have available.

Another security option in regards to alleviating any unwanted entry would be to add your own lock hasps on the door in conjunction with the provided locking system. If you have the tools available to do this, it will provide another barrier for any unwanted attempted entry.

A second option is a sentry safe that is not as cumbersome as most of the big name safes, yet it provides more security with thicker gauge steel which stack on lockers lack. It is also light enough to utilize in an upstairs apartment.

Hope this helps.....

"Train like your life depends on it"

05-03-2012, 4:45 PM
Okay. My dad and I discussed this at length after watching the safe break in video on YouTube. (I know the video has very biased circumstances). The part of that safe (appears to be a cannon safe) which fails, appears to be the doorframe on the off hinge side, which flexes away enough to allow the locking bolts to pass. The fix that we designed in our heads was some sort of bar which could be dropped in place just behind the door, in the middle of the safe which would bridge the gap between the left and right side of the door jam. If there were a bar, which could be dropped into place behind the door, this would have made it nearly impossible to flex the door jam far enough away from the door bolts. Something like this could be easily be put together with several different types of methods or materials. An all thread rod is the first thing that comes to mind. I don't know exactly how your safe is built, so I can't suggest any specific method for doing this. But it should help secure the door of your safe.