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05-02-2012, 9:49 AM
Hey all

Looking for input on how much to sell my 2011 for

STI 2011 Black Frame
Caspian slide
Bowmar sights
3.5 lB pull
1K rounds ish
4 mag kits

pretty good condition, just has some holster wear on the slide


05-02-2012, 10:15 AM
Go to the www.brianenos.com forums to get a realistic price range for how much they go for used. People sell WICKED guns there for great prices every season.

I got my Brazos 2011 Limited gun (hard chromed) with 4 tuned mags for $2200 from someone on that forum. He was LEO from Florida. I showed him all the laws about single shot exemption and he was cool with it!

Sent it to my FFL who does SSE work and that was that.

In my opinion, nobody needs to pay out of the arse for STI guns in California anymore since they can be fairly acquired by anyone through the SSE (single shot exemption) method.

National prices are a fairly accurate price range. No more of that paying 850 dollars for a 400 dollar frame crap we are used to seeing around here.

Who built it?

Send me pics, I may be interested.