View Full Version : Default Premium Ultra-light AR-15 upper, Sordin Supreme Pro-X (neckband version)

05-01-2012, 3:24 PM
For sale only, no trades.

1: Premium AR-15 upper:
This is an upper that I built with weight in mind. In its current setup, it's 5.5 LBs. It has everything you need, and nothing you don't (i.e. forward assist). Currently shooting 1/2 MOA with match ammo (handloads) and a Vortex Viper PST 1-4x. 300 rounds through it, no problems whatsoever. Never been to a match or class. There are rub marks on the highs of the handguard.

Lower is NOT included.
Aimpoint is NOT included.

Noveske 14.5 Lightweight N4 barrel midlength gas system(very hard to find)
VLTOR MUR-1S (with no forward assist, keeps the weight down and it's something you should not use even if present on your AR)
Troy/Viking Tactics TRX rail (lightweight full length rail setup, comes with 3 rail sections for lights/accessories)
AAC Brakeout Comp/Flash suppressor (pinned and welded to 16.1" barrel length. Great comp, comparable to the battlecomp).
Young's National Match Chrome BCG (M16 auto version, reduces felt recoil. The gas key has been staked by Rainier Arms. VERY easy to clean. Just wipe off the black stuff and you're GTG).
BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Mod.4(medium, has been modified to reduce gas blowback from suppressor use. If you shoot NTCH this will reduce/eliminate the black mustache afterwards, and stronger than the gasbuster CH)
Magpul ladder
Includes a spare Larue Tactical extractor spring.

$1200 shipped. Paypal +3%

2. Sordin Supreme Pro-X, neckband version:
Better setup if you want to wear caps/boonie covers with your ear pro. Has the gel insert upgrade installed, will come with original foam inserts.
$250 with standard foam inserts, $280 with gel insert upgrades (highly recommended if you plan to wear them for more than an hour at a time) Paypal +3%

Now will include .223/5.56 boresnake, CAT M4 cleaning tool,
Spike's Tactical T2 Tungsten buffer,the paracord handgrip, a BAD lever type device for anyone who buys both the upper and the ear pro!

Extras, included with respective items.