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05-01-2012, 2:00 PM
Effective February 23, 2014, FFL Transfer Fees will be as follows:

Transfers are $60 + $25 DROS Fee
Private Party Transfers (PPT) are $10 + $25 DROS Fee
Sales Tax must be collected for all guns transferred from an out-of-state dealer or where CA sales tax has not already been collected. Firearms purchased from a non-dealer (out of state private party) are not subject to CA sales tax.

Transfer Fees
Now that all firearms are registered, the amount of work required to process a firearm transfer is the same no matter what type of firearm. It no longer makes sense to allow multiple long guns to be processed for a single transfer fee, but we are lowing our per gun transfer fee from $75 to $60 per gun. This is a general policy and may be waived subject to our discretion. DROS fees are set by and payable to the the state and are $25 per DROS. Additionally, the new DROS system will allow you to register both one handgun and one or more long guns for a single $25 fee.

CA Sales Tax on Transfer Guns
Guns shipped in from a dealer must be accompanied by an invoice or we will not start the DROS. Alternate, legitimate documentation that proves that CA sales tax is not due or has already been paid will be accepted as a substitute for an invoice.

See this thread for details on why dealers collect sales tax on transfer guns: