View Full Version : WTS: Early Aussie FAL barrel, FAL furniture, FN49 barrel, Ishapore

05-01-2012, 1:00 PM
Full length chrome lined chamber, marked X. Bore is excellent no pitting frosting etc. Includes gas block and flashider and tube. I'm also including handguards but I'm not sure if they are correct. Barrel has some sort of arsenal tag on it thats unreadable says like Apr 1989 on it. $375 shipped.

Ishapore FAL barrel with bore that has shine but light frosting in grooves. all I did was boresnake it a cleaning and shooting it may improve even better. Has receiver cover , gas plug, and tube. $149 shipped

Egyptian FN49 8mm barrel and magazine. Barrel is import marked bore is shinny but could use cleaning. Comes with magazine and spring but they look rough basically just throwing them in for the heck of it as I don't need it, magazine body appears welded. $75 shipped.

Butt stock and handguard with metal for an Israeli heavy barrel FAl. Both in excellent shape butt stock does not have metal. $49 shipped.

Please ask any questions or for extra pictures before saying I'll take it. Please place I'll take it in thread if you want an item(s) and follow with PM. Saying I'll take it means just that not I have questions or that you are low balling me nor does it mean you have "dibs" on something. Thanks for looking.



05-02-2012, 12:50 PM