View Full Version : FS 7 Disk Golf disks from putters, drivers, mid range and more

04-30-2012, 7:30 AM
I'm in Eureka, CA and used to play a lot of disk golf. These are all in playable condition, and a couple are virtually new. Most are innova brand and one is an Aerobie ARROW for just about anything. Its considered a straight approach disk but I actually used it as a driver a number of times and it worked great. I want to get at least $60 plus shipping but am willing to haggle for gun parts or other things. I'm interested in anything that has to do with Savage .17hmr, AR-15, 1911, Kahr 9mm's, Colt python grips, 1911 grips, Ruger MKIII, Remington 870, Beretta Urika, SKS, or just random stuff you may want to trade. I'm pretty open for trades if you desire. This should be 8-10 bucks to ship but I'm asking $60 + actual shipping for cash price. Some of these are $20 disks, and some are 12-15. I figure 9 bucks or so used apiece is a good deal. I put a good deal of sharpie on a number of them so I knew they were mine if I saw somebody using them at the range. We have a lot of thieves around. I used to spray paint but it seemed to affect the way they fly!