View Full Version : Bay Area Combat Arts And Pistol Course May 19

BayTac Training
04-29-2012, 11:11 AM
Just wanted to extend an offer to enroll in my next upcoming CTAP course on May 19. It will be out at Metcalf and I will be offering a $20 discount for CalGunners.

Combative Training for the Armed Professional (CTAP) is something I have put together as a direct reflection of a training program from the Marine Special Operations community and Integrated Combative Systems. I mainly teach this course to military, LE, and armed professionals and I am the only certified instructor of the course who is offering training outside of the military. I am now starting to offer open enrollment courses available to the defensive minded gun owner.

For more information or questions feel free to visit my website at www.baytac.com (http://www.baytac.com) or email me directly through my contact page.


Sergeant Andrew Bowen