View Full Version : Savage 93R17 GLV or Browning T-Bolt Sporter Lefty in .17HMR

04-29-2012, 9:54 AM
Yes I know there is a huge difference in price but there is just one thing from snapping up the Savage in a heart-beat and that is the bull-barrel, the Savage site does say the rifle is only 5 lbs but i'm not sure I believe that...

This will be used for rabbit and any other critters up to 150m in the field, anyone have any opinions on their of these choices or any other lefty 17.HMR rifles?

Will I notice the weight of the BBL on the Savage versus the Browning? i've shot a 60s era T-Bolt in .22LR and that is a dream to shoot so I fully expect the Browning to shine in teh .17HMR caliber but don't know how the Savage will compare...