View Full Version : Commercial Truck Rental/Leasing

04-28-2012, 7:40 AM
I work for a major truck rental company in the SF Bay Area territory
If you contact me with business rental needs (sorry I can't help with retail) and mention you are a calguns member, I can provide a substantial discount.

My company specializes in business to business rental of

3/4 Ton Pickup Trucks (with towing)
Cargo Vans
16' Box Trucks
24/26' Box Trucks
Flat Bed Trucks

All vehicles are Class C

Again - this is for business rental. If you need a vehicle for personal use, this is not something I can help with

I can only directly effect business within the greater Bay Area and South Country districts. But if you are elsewhere am certainly willing to make a call to my regional counterparts on your behalf

please email brett.a.klynn (at) ehi.com and make sure you mention Calguns