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04-27-2012, 11:56 AM
Model:Cherokee Sport 4 Door
Price: 3600 OBO
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

This Jeep is an absolutely awesome vehicle, almost in virgin condition. It is RWD not 4x4 but has gotten me other places that only 4x4 will go. It comes with the usual 3rd gear setting for hauling and towing, and a 1-2 gear setting for steep rocky inclines that works like a charm. This is the perfect outdoor summer vehicle with plenty of inside room for 5 people and trunk space for tents, supplies and your rifles ;p. Also has a roof rack for surfboards, snow boards, small boats or whatever you want to throw up there. Comes with a spare tire that mounts in rear of car. It has a subwoofer enclosed box with 2 10" subs and 600 watt amplifier, if you want that removed I will do so upon request, but you wont get any money off for it because it didn't cost me anything, consider it a freebie. Rear tires are APT's less than 5 months old and have alignment papers from January showing perfect alignment.

This Jeep get around 16/CITY 20/HWY

I have also added a 3/4" rear hood lift to keep engine bay temperatures down which gives all wires and plastics longer life.

The semi bad: I am a smoker and used to smoke in this vehicle, on Christmas of 2011 I decided to not smoke in the vehicle and have smoked in it TWICE since then on long drives to LA. I do all I can to keep it smelling fresh inside but a non smoker could probably pick up the smoke smell. This tends to disappear after about a month of driving around with the windows open and throwing a dryer sheet in there.

Rear Right passenger handle above the door is broken off.

Hatchback inside handle is broken, and Emergency brake is broken.

Also this is a utility vehicle and as such has been used as one to carry supplies, there is a minor paint spill in the back with some green paint on the plastic interior in rear.

Please do not ask for me to drop the price due to these issues. this is all cosmetic except the emergency brake and I have priced the Jeep fairly.
KBB is 4500 for Fair condition. This is very mechanically sound and runs like a champ.

That's a 1000 dollars off for stuff that can be fixed for under 400 bucks.

Please PM me any questions.

Don't miss your summer vehicle for you and the family or for your childs first car!!

Thanks Calgunners


http://i101.photobucket.com/albums/m76/drkshdow292/Jeep/535649_420409977970808_100000054273530_1658676_236 957170_n.jpg


Here is a picture of the rear hood lift.

04-28-2012, 10:18 AM
Bump Notice the OBO, dont be afraid to send offers, if I say no, We are still friends :P

Joe Register
04-28-2012, 10:40 AM
That is the best use of "almost in virgin condition" I have seen in a car ad ;)

Nice jeep!

04-28-2012, 4:23 PM
That is the best use of "almost in virgin condition" I have seen in a car ad ;)

Nice jeep!

Why Thank you kind sir! :D

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