View Full Version : Surefire M511 Light w/Turbo Head & IR Filter for 20" AR/M16

04-26-2012, 8:59 PM
Surefire M511 Tac Light Replaces the Handguard on an 20" AR15/M16 equipped with Turbohead and IR Filter. $325.00 shipped from Las Vegas, NV.

You can see the product here-- http://www.afmo.com/Bates_p/614-00123.htm (my unit does not have the LED navigation lights)

It is equipped with the larger KT4-HA turbo head.

You can see the KT4-HA here-- http://www.alternateforce.net/surefi...onversion.html

It also has a flip up FM-23 IR filter pictured here-- http://www.google.com/products/catal...ed=0CEoQ8wIwAg

This can be upgraded with the TNVC LED head shown here-- http://www.tnvc.com/shop/tx-4-cree-l...nversion-head/ but the upgrade will not accept the IR filter.

If this package was new it would be priced around $ 900.00 (based on the websites above).

Handguards, turbo head, and filter for sale for $325.00

US addresses and APO only. Feel free to PM if interested.