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04-26-2012, 1:22 PM
Make: Glock

Model: 20 standard frame

Caliber: 10mm

Location (city or county): Culver City (Martin Retting) or Turners Manhattan Beach or Sharpshooters Torrance

Price: $925 $900 or will trade toward new/LNIB Ruger LCR in 357 mag and a Ruger LC9.

Will ship (Y/N): No

Other info: LNIB- Glock 20 standard frame. This pistol is very clean. Not a scratch or mark on it. About 300 flawless rounds through her. NEF serial prefix, deep black slide finish. You will literally not find a cleaner used G20. Includes all that was included from the factory. Stock factory sights. This is an incredible pistol. Very fun to shoot and a head-turner at the range. Selling to help buy my wife a new gun.


Deep 6 Comp flush fit grip plug (the kind you can't see at all from the side and is removable if you wish but quite nice to keep dust out).
ISMI stainless captured guide rod.
ISMI 20 and 22 lb recoil springs (reduces recoil quite a bit for the stout 10mm rounds ;-).
Stock spring is included.
5 factory 10 round mags total.

Also included in this package:

3 new boxes (150 rounds) Double Tap 200 grain XTP (the real XTP, not the Montana Gold replacement).
3 new boxes (150 rounds) Double Tap 200 grain WFNGC Hardcast (very hard hitting rounds).
1 box of 20 Reed's 180 grain Gold Dots.
1 box of 20 Double Tap 200 grain WFNGC Hardcast.
2 mags are loaded with 20 Reed's 180 grain Gold Dots.
1 mag is loaded with 10 Double Tap 200 grain WFNGC Hardcast.
2 mags are loaded with 10 Double Tap 180 grain Gold Dots.

All 340 rounds of ammo stored in an air tight Pelican case with desiccant. The other 40 rounds stored at the ready.

>> So to break it down I'm going to say the gun with all upgrades and 5 mags is $650, $300 for the ammo. Will do $925 $900 for all (I spent around $1200 for everything new).

As stated, will trade for a Ruger LCR 357 mag in mint condition plus Ruger LC9 in mint condition (not an exact even trade so we'd have to figure it out). Will sell outright for $925 $900 for the entire package buyer pays fees. Will consider breaking up if I get two serious buyers.

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Bump, price drop.

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Thursday triple T.