View Full Version : Stuff for sale in the OC

Bryan Whited
04-28-2007, 10:26 AM
Need to fund other projects.
A lot of these items were won from various prize tables so they are brand new.


Carbon Creations in blue for 1911 $70

Houge rubber grips for Beretta 92 or 96. Finger Grooves. $20

Pearce Grips for 1911 Officer model. Finger Grooves and side panels. $20

Fung Match Grips for Ruger Mark II. $165

Herrett Combat Camp Perry for 1911. $125

Factory Ruger Mark II grips, plastic. $10

Other stuff

Wilderness belt. Never used. $30

Calcium Carbonate, 1 gallon. $65

The Gun House Gun Smoke. Uses calcium Carbonate to blacken sights. $20

Howard Leight hearing protection muffs. $10

Side Saddle for Benelli M1. $20

Otis pistol cleaning kit 9mm to 45 cal. $5

Kleen Bore PocKit for .40 / .41 / 10mm. Cleaning kit that fit into handle. $10

EGW mag well for Para. $40

EGW Optima base for a Ruger Revolver. $25

Uncle Mikes Sidekick shotgun cartridge belt. New. $25

Leather shotgun cartridge belt. $25

Fanny Pack. Small size (~4 X 8). $15

Brownells 58 Bit Master Super-Set Plus screwdriver set. Brand new. $120 obo.

XS Sight Systems Ghost-Ring Aperture set for Ruger 10/22. Brand new. $80

Otis Elite cleaning system. Works for .177 cal to 10 gauge. $100

Front Sight certificate. Good for 1 four day class. $800

Tasco PDP3 big dot optic. $50

Bag Master gun bag. Clay shooters bag. Red in color. $75

Surefire 8x. Good condition. $170

Surefire 8NX. Good Condition. $130


Blade Tech belt holster for G26 / 27. Vertical scabboard. $50

Glock holster. $15

Western rig. Belt with two holsters. $250

Blackhawk Duty double pistol mag pouch black. 51PM01BK $20

Bianchi Cyclone II #4001, size 4. $25

Bianchi Cyclone II #4001, size 5. $25

Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster for Glock 17 / 22 / 31 in Black. Right handed $40.

International Handgun Leather 1911 single mag pouch in black. $35

International Handgun Leather 1911 double mag pouch in black. $65

International Handgun Leather 1.5 inch belt in black. 38 inch waist. $50

M/D Holster for Kahr K40 for pocket carry. $50

M/D Holster, BS2 for Kahr K9 for belt carry. $50

M/D Holster, RCS for Glock G23 for belt carry. $50

M/D Mag Holder for small frame Glock, specifically G35. $35

Pager Pal Holster. $50

Uncle Mikes Sidekick pouch. $10

Uncle Mikes holster. Nylon. Size 4. $15

Bianchi Holster, Ranger Series. Size 8. $25

Blade Tech belt IWB holster for 1911. $50

HellWeg Mag Holder for big frame Glock. Left handed. $35. 2 available.

HellWeg Holster for 1911. Race holster. Right handed. Two backing plates. $100

HellWeg Mag Holder for single 1911 mag. Left handed. $35

HellWeg Holster for CZ-75 or 85. Left handed. $50

HellWeg Holster for H&K USP. Race holster. Left Handed. $50

HellWeg Holster for 1911. IWB. Right handed. $50

HellWeg Holster for Beretta 92. Race holster. Right handed. $50


Remington Competition. In great condition. $1050.

Remington 11-87 Premier, 28 inch barrel. LC. Vent rib. Enhanced Receiver Engraving. Almost brand new! Only 2 rounds of Sporting Clays. $650 obo.

Customized Colt 1991 45. Hand fitted frame to slide, Bo-Mar sights, all the best parts (barrel, grip safety, thumb safety, metal main spring housing, full length guide rod etc). All parts fit to precision tolerances. Hard Chrome finish. $1700.