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04-25-2012, 2:44 PM
Make: Kahr

Model: P380 - Ca Legal

Caliber: 380

Location (city or county): Chico, Butte County

Price: SPF

Will ship (Y/N): Maybe

Other info:

I bought this gun last month as a carry piece. Per the manual, I ran 250 rounds through it to "break it in". I had a few stove pipes and the slide would lock back every now and then in the beginning, but once I worked through the 250 rounds it settled down. Then the rear sight just fell off unassisted.

I sent the gun back to Kahr via my FFL. It came back this week all cherried-out. Kahr did the following work: Installed new rear sight, Replaced Cocking Cam, Cocking Cam Pin, Ejector, Extractor, Striker Block, Recoil Springs, Slide Stop and One Magazine, Polished the Feed Ramp, Lubed and Test Fired (The Technical Service Work Sheet will come with the gun). Basically - rebuilt the gun.

I bought a PPKS while this baby was back getting rebuilt and now I must sell one. Why should you even consider this gun? First, if you go out and but a new one you could all face the break-in issues I did. Secondly, Kahr technicians reworked the gun - not an assembly line jock. It been throughly tested at the factory, by my gunsmith and me. This is now the gun I had hope to own when I bought it.

If I hadn't bought the PPKS, a Ruger Mini 30 and a Mossberg 930 in the past 60-days and I got rid of my Sig P226, I'm sure I could afford to keep it.

Comes with all the trimmings and an extra mag. Asking $600 firm. Save $50 over new, $35 for the second mag and $58 in sales tax = total savings $143 over new.

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04-27-2012, 10:54 AM
Taking this gun off the market. It failed again at the range and I can't morally sell this paperweight to anyone.

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Make an offer!