View Full Version : 2 guns in jail

04-25-2012, 5:49 AM
I decided I needed to spend part of my Income Tax refund on a couple of guns. Century Arms had their Mini Mausers on sale last month, $360 each, so I ordered two(plus a 3rd for a buddy). One in 223 Rem and one in 22 Hornet for me and another in 22 Hornet for my buddy.
Guns finally showed up last week and I paid the bail money for mine yesterday. Century was very slow to process the order, it took almost a month. Now, I have to wait till the the release date.........May 4. But that gives me a chance to load some 223s and get some 22 Hornet shipped from Midway.
Very similar to my Zastava made 22s. They look like shrunken larger caliber rifles, complete with iron sights. Though the wood is rather bland, stained, but no finish unless it is a very thin oil finish. My 22s have better wood. I may try and strip the stain out and refinish as one stock has a bit of interesting grain. I may have to touch up the checkering. They come with European style flat checkering, which I don't care for. If I can't improve the looks much, I will head down to Richard's MicroFit in Los Angeles and hand pick out a couple of stocks from his stash on the shelf.
I've located extra mags for the 22 Hornet, and my buddy is going to order a case of 22 Hornet ammo which we will split.
I will post pics upon release from jail. I just hope they are as accurate as my Zastava 22s, which are very accurate rifles.
While they are virtually identical, the 223 Rem receiver is D&T'd, while the receiver for the 22 Hornet is grooved.
I was rather surprised to find that the 22 Hornets were number consecutively.