View Full Version : AR-15 & DPMS LR-308 Pattern Blueprints Available, 80% PCR Specific

04-24-2012, 7:50 PM
Hello Everyone,

We have AR-15 and DPMS LR-308 Pattern Blueprints available, they are designed/geared for the average home builder using 75% to 80% partially completed "receivers" or PCR's.

A second print is Included showing/detailing hole locations/dimensions for drilling and milling operations.

These prints are perfect for those who don't want to spend the money or can't find a jig for the DPMS LR-308 pattern 80% PCR.

So if you have the basic tools needed as well as a good/high quality drill press w/ X-Y table or prefferbly a good quality X2 or X2L or larger milling machine (bench type or larger), you will have little to no trouble completing your project.

The prints are printed on ANSI size B Engineering paper (11" x 17"), It's a great size print to use as a shop reference for your build(s) in either the AR-15 or DPMS LR-308 pattern. The print is scaled aprox. 1 to 1 to make it even easier for the average home builder to use and understand.

The prints are $15.00 (Incls. shipping) for either the AR-15 pattern or the DPMS LR-308 pattern print sets. If you wnat both the AR-15 & DPMS LR-308 pattern prints thay are $25.00 which Includes first class shipping.

We sometimes have DPMS LR-308 parts in stock, so email us for In stock or special order parts.

More Info can be had by clicking the tab containing the DPMS pattern blueprints etc. at: http://illirianengineeringc.ipage.com