View Full Version : Black powder muzzle loaders and the law

Scarecrow Repair
04-27-2007, 2:01 PM
Where exactly do black powder muzzle loaders fit in the scheme of things legally? I can pay cash and never show ID and walk out with a handgun or rifle. Do I need to transport a handgun in a locked container? If I bring one home from the gun shop in a box in my car along with powder, bullets, patches, etc, is it concealed if I throw a blanket over it?

How old do you have to be to buy one? Can I give one to someone under 18? Can under-18 buy them for themselves? How about crossing state lines?

I have only recently become aware of how much easier it is to buy black powder muzzle loaders; my wallet probably would not have suffered as much if I had been required to wait ten days. How much of this is due to being muzzle loaders and how much to being black powder? For instance, black powder cartridge revolvers seem to require "modern handgun rules" according to numerous web sites and catalogs. But I can buy conversion cylinders for my black powder revolver which do not require any special consideration, although you load them, apparently, by removing the cylinder from the revolver, unscrewing the rear cover plate, ejecting spent cases, loading new cartridges, screwing the rear cover plate back on, and reinstalling the cylinder in the revolver, hardly conducive to rapid reloading.

Are there smokeless powder muzzle loaders, and do they require modern gun rules?

Do modern (not replica) black powder muzzle loaders follow modern gun laws, or are they cash and carry?