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04-23-2012, 9:10 PM
used Sage ALCS Kydex Fore-Grip Black with screws.

30.00 shipped
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Endine Shot Shok, this came off of my MOD-1, great for reducing felt recoil.

The Enidine Shot Shock™ can reduce the peak felt recoil shock force by an incredible 70%. The Mil-Spec dimensioned “buffer tube” will accept a wide variety of OEM & aftermarket stocks, and installs easily onto standard aftermarket stock adapters using a 13/16 -16 thread.

The Enidine Shot Shock™ is a telescoping hydraulic recoil reducing buffer that replaces the receiver extension tube. It offers easy installation with your stock adapter and collapsible butt stock, and is designed for virtually all shotgun and rifle applications regardless of loads/calibers being fired.

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