View Full Version : 2001 ZX-11, one of a kind!!!!!

04-23-2012, 4:07 PM
I have a custom 2001 ZX-11D. I bought this bike 6 or 7 year ago and really never rode it. You can see by the miles (7,700), I never rode it. I rode the heck out of my ZX-9 though.

Anyway, so 2 years ago I was getting into airbrushing and thought it would make a great project to work on over the winter. What you see took a few hours a day for over 5 months. I figured any monkey could airbrush and gloss over it, so I thought I would try a satin finish over the airbrush, it took quite a lot of experimenting to discover what paints works with others, and more importantly what paints worked with a satin top coat. I ended up using 3 coats of clear (gloss) and sanded each coat, they 2 coats of a satin finish to achieve the final look and have the airbrush protected with a top coat. It's not perfect and up close I am sure you could be nit-pickey about the flaws, but from 3 feet away it truly has to been seen in person, it really is a stunning bike.

Now as far as modifications, there are a few:

Corbin Gunfighter and Lady seat
rear luggage rack
Gen-Mar handle bar risers
tinted shield
Full Muzzy SS System, left side
Muzzy radiator fan
Nolgy plug wires
Smog black off plate
Front calipers are from a current 3-Pot GSXR 1000
Stainless brake and clutch lines

The bike is located in Modesto and you are more then welcome to come look at anytime. The bike is plated out of state for obvious reasons, but it now has over the required 7500 miles so registering it here should not be a problem. I would like to see $4500 OBO out of it. I think just the paint is worth that. You will NEVER see another that looks like this bike. I am open to trades of guns or anything else interesting...........thanks for looking