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04-23-2012, 2:56 PM
man u guys really try to cover all the bases for people...that said, let me say im really starting to appreciate everything this site has to offer.

im not really a gun collector, per se, but this is all very interesting stuff...as i've stated in some other post, i've done work with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's as a reserve deputy at the Lakewood, CA. department currently working out of Bellflower, which is where I live, for 23 years, yet I've never been a great follower of all the different guns that are out there.

I currently have 4 guns myself. My duty Beretta 92FS, my Beretta .380 Cheetah, which I use as my conceal carry, a Browning Hi-Power 9mm my dad gave me around 25 years ago and a Colt King Cobra 4" Stainless Steel .357 revolver, which is actually the first gun I ever purchased close to 30 years ago. My 5th and probably final gun is a Beretta Px4 Storm 9mm, currently in DROS, picking up in 5 more days.

Besides that I owned a small Filter Manufacturing company in Paramount, CA. for 16 years, until I sold the business in 2008 and basically retired from that. I own a 6 unit apartment complex in Bellflower and a 8 unit complex in Lancaster, CA. both which keep me busy enough.

You would think working in the field we'd see just about everything, but honestly, besides dealing with the gang bangers, we just don't come across that many high end guns around here. In fact, we're more likely to see your garden variety .22 pistol and a few Smith & Wesson .38's or .357's and the rest are cheapies, lol.

I like your site, I may not agree with everything people have to say on it but I also respect their right to be able to say it, as long as they stay on topic and not turn it personal or post just to flame people. Is seems like a very mature orientated site and I'm sure i'm gonna enjoy logging on and reading some of these interesting threads.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to enjoy your forums.

04-23-2012, 6:05 PM
Colt King Cobra is one of the finest pistols I've had the pleasure of shooting!

Welcome from San Diego!