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Make: Springfield
Model: M1 Garand
Caliber: 30.06
Location (city or county): Vallejo/Solano
Price: $1,500 obo
Will ship (Y/N): YES

Other info: Arsenal refinished, 1950's refinish of a WWII rifle, includes 10 clips, Korea era green sling, and unopened/unused "Pops" blank fire adapters. Local inspection is OK- we can meet at a range.

I purchased this rifle on GB last November and have not even chambered a round or fired it. I bought it because I was going to get into the WWII reenacting hobby. Well, I'm getting married this August and need funds for the whole shebang, off goes the M1 and the WWII reenacting for a bit.

The sale includes everything mentioned. Yes, I'm willing to entertain "best offers" but please make them reasonable. ie- you will not get an M1 for $200! (Those days are long gone.) I am just trying to recoup my money from this sale. I will not "part-out" the sale. The rifle is in Fine condition, as evident by arsenal refinish.

Photos of the rifle are here: http://militaryhistorygroup.com/m1garand/

They are large photos- so I thought I'd post the link instead of clogging up your screen.

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The serial number (2148950) places the rifle in Nov 1943. So, it's a WWII rifle with apparently all Springfield parts. Even the refinished barrel is SA marked.

All numbers appear to be Springfield.
The barrel is marked SA- A - S -50
Receiver has two numbers on it:
One is the heat lot B 18? which seems consistent with the year 1943, then the diamond stamp indicating WD 8620 steel, and the draw #: D 28291 30 which makes this a Bethlehem Steel produced lot for Springfield.

Bolt is D28287-12SA 011A (Diamond)
Operating rod is D35382 9 SA

I do not own a throat erosion gauge, so cannot quote a number. (sorry) However, I do see clear rifling in the bore. I have never fired this rifle and have never cycled ammo through it. I bought it, cleaned the exterior, then put it in the safe.

The stock is clear of any markings, cracks, or dents.

I hope this information helps and counts for my bump for the day.

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