View Full Version : WTS SUPER BRIGHT SUREFIRE G2/6P/Z2 P60 Style Q5 Cree LED Drop-in Upgrade $21 shipped

04-23-2012, 5:28 AM
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Does not come with revolver and G2

Replace your old incandescent bulbs in your Surefire G2 type flashlight. Turn it into an eye blinding everlasting torch light.

225 Lumens (1.1A Drive Current)
3.6-18V input voltage
Outer spring is removable for some fitments
Alumium textured/OP reflector with copper heatsink base
Bezel diameter: 26.5mm
Copper base diameter: 19mm
Height including support spring: 36.7mm
Height excluding support spring: 28.8mm
Price: $21 shipped

Fits to the following lights:
Blackhawk Falcata, Boker B0006, Brinkman Legend, Maxfire (LX models on both), Cabela's XPG (Xenon models), Dereelight CL1H (all Versions), DealExtreme {DX} HF-19, SKUs' ~ 1284, 4226, 14329, 14597, 14902, 15159 (DIY chassis), 15565, 15561 & OEMs, G&P T6, T9, T12, R12, Hellfighter X-4, X-8, Huntlight FT-01PJ, FT-01X SE (Luxeon versions on both), Kaidomain KD Tough, & OEMs, Leupold MX series w/ MX-100 bezel, M812, Mega CREE Q2, Nextorch (vaious models), Pelican M6 (newer version M6)... PentagonLight X1, Xenon chassis {to be confirmed}, Pila GL2/3/4, Romisen RC-E4, RC-M4, RX-A, Smartfire A-1,T1, Solarforce L2, SF6, SF9, SF12, Spiderfire Q5, R2, X-O3, Superfire C1, see Ultrafire models, Surefire {SF} 3R, 6, 6P, 6PD, 6PL, 6R, 6Z, 7Z, 9P, 9Z, C2, C3, D2, D3, G2, G2L, G2Z, G3, G3L, GZ2, M2, Z2, Z3, Various Weaponlight models, Tactical Operations Products Stryker (slight modifications necessary), Xenon models, Trustfire T1-Q5, TR-B1/2/3, TR-C1 & 2, TR-Q5, TR-C2, Ultrafire 6P, 9P, 12P, C1, Alpha-C1, L2, WF-501A/B/C/D, WF-502B/C/D, WF-503B, Wolf-Eyes (See dimensions), XLight HA-III Cree Q3 kit, HA-III Cree Q5 XTAR P4

No light

Surefire g2 with OEM P60 bulb

Surefire G2 with Cree LED Upgrade

I take discreet paypal or USPS MO