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04-22-2012, 11:38 AM
I have a few misc. parts for sale or trade. Feel free to PM me with any questions regarding specific items.
Located in San Francisco, shipping is on me unless otherwise noted.
Posting is cross listed on other sites, I'll do my best to ensure first requests for items are honored.
Photos can be seen here. http://imageshack.us/g/718/p4010011tp.jpg/
I prefer not to do business with Paypal due to their anti gun policies.

1:Hogue wrap around grips for, CZ-75, EAA-Witness, TZ-75, or P-9. Clean, in very good condition, minor stretching of the screw holes to fit cz-75

2:Hogue wrap around grips for 1911 govt size frame. Clean, good condition. Cut for ambi safety but notch does not show past rubber edge. Top left corners have been cut down slightly to clear extended safety and slide release.

3:Savage Round action Leupold scope bases & Burris 1" Signature rings. Bases and rings are Leupold "standard" style and should fit round rear Savage actions 10-16 and 110-116. The Burris Pos-Align inserts are a perfect combo with these bases as the swiveling centers eliminate any misalignment of the twist in front ring. Includes rings, bases, mounting screws and correct torx wrench to install. In excelent condition except for two small scratches on the top of the front base from installing the ring.

4:Stainless Wilson Combat drop in 1911 grip safety. Govt size should drop in with minor fitting to the "nose" to clear frame and trigger bar. Needs a "bobbed" or Comander style hammer. Great easy upgrade to your pistol, no more hammer bite and a more comfortable grip without the need to modify your frame. New in Package.

SOLD5:YHM clamping gas block with flip up front sight. Fits .750 diameter barrels Gas block itself and screws are in excelent condition. No bayonet lug. Also includes the gas tube roll pin which is slightly mushroomed but in funtional condition, and the sling loop which has been removed (no damage, but no rivet to reinstall).

SOLD6:"It wasn't me" free float tube. No, seriously, it wasn't me... Picked up as part of a package of other parts. Previous owner was having trouble with his barrel heating up so he drilled holes in the front of the tube to try to get a little ventilation. They're pretty ugly but don't hurt funtion. Also looks like the locking ring was removed with a vise or channel locks. But again it's still functional. The screws holding the four rail sections are rusty and I have not tried to remove them. Would be fine for a beater/budget build or for someone with a mill and a little time you could even up the holes (adding more for air wouldn't be a bad idea) and paint it. That had been my plan but if someone want to take a crack at it go for it.

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