View Full Version : WTS-for all you .50 BMG Fans-2 magwells that use AR FCG-read details- $ SPF shipped

04-22-2012, 9:54 AM
I have 2 magwells built for .50BMG RIFLES that i was going to use for making a couple .50 wildcats, .4xx wildcats,etc but other issues have come up-the IRS- so things must go-

Now if you look at them you may think they are receivers BUT they are NOT ,REPEAT NOT the part considered the receiver on the rifle they are for/from... I can only say they use a well known .50 rifle's magazine (m82) and use a std AR15 FCG and have the mag release already . They ARE NOT made by (B) but another Maker in the .50 rifle biz...

They both have a black oxide type finish, one has a little dinger on the rear top and a couple depressions,bright spots from an AR hammer resting against it..please look at the pictures.

They are both completely useable,functional and would help build into great rifles.

Please post questions HERE.

Standard FalFiles Market rules apply and I accept USPS MO, checks from longtime members, and possibly PP 'gift' with some catchy phrase....no 'G' words.

I hate selling crap..especially for some IRS crap I am like 'WTFH!' and fighting...

Anyway I am asking $SOLD each shipped or feel free on making an offer..


04-22-2012, 10:25 AM