View Full Version : My first AR my first build.

04-19-2012, 7:57 PM
Well I would post a pic but still trying to figure got a link share it I'll use it. I figured I buy and build myself since I want it my way and didn't want to waste money on parts that are gonna sit around. So far here is what I got.
Spikes zombie lower
Dpms Kali Lpk (came with bb)
Ikh back plate
Magpul miad
Magpul mil spec ctr
Dpms mil spec buffer tube
RRA castle nut
2-magpul 10/20 pmags
spikes tac h2 buffer
spikes trigger guard
Still need:

Still need to decide on what upper I'm going with. I know I'm going spikes 12"rail.16" barrel 1/8 cl m4 feed ramps Low pro gas block can't decide on muzzle break. Any other ideas or help would be great thanks I got a pic will post what I did so far.