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I have another one of those pesky magazine questions again. NO I AM NOT TRYING TO FIND SOME CONTRIVED WAY TO SKIRT THE LAW!! I do have a really weird question. all my mags for my .223 Ar15 are the permenantly modified Pmags that only hold the mandated 10 rounds. The catch is what do you do if you are shooting a .458 socom. a magazine that will only hold 10 .458 socom rounds will hold 30 5.56 rounds. Since .458 socom rounds will feed from an unmodified AR15 magazine How do you not get arrested? on its face it would seem that if I don't have a .223 upper in my possesion it could be argued that they are .458 socom mags. the problem is I'm not brave enough to test that theory. I'm considereng a .458 upper for hunting hogs and such and I don't want to break the law.
please advise

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Actually want to hear the outcome for this, you have sparked my interest:lurk5:

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It's been discussed before. Someone makes a 458 follower that would help to keep you from getting in trouble. If I had a 458 I would designate whatever number of magazines I wanted for that rifle and have them marked as such either through mechanical engraving or laser engraving.

If I didn't have a 458 I would not have any 458 marked magazines since it is a grey area.

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No lock needed, except on the repetition.

Using the .458 SOCOM mag for 5.65x45 is fine because
1) it is not illegal to own, possess or use a large-capacity magazine
2) it is legal to buy 10-round .458 SOCOM magazines.

It helps the 'optics' a bunch to actually own a .458 SOCOM weapon.... It's a good idea if the mags are factory marked for .458 SOCOM.

See also the Magazine Qs link, below.

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No need to be brave , what would you get arrested for ?

Possession of the standard ( Old fart here , they are still standard capacity to me ) capacity magazines is NOT illegal.

I have a 458 Socom upper but I dont have any 458 labeled magazines either( No law states you need special magazines for 458 Socom ) , no need...I have plenty of legally owned magazines that hold either 30 5.56 or 10 458 socom.

Just MAKE SURE, if you buy a 458 upper...AND you are using it together with a BB lower....CHECK YOUR MAGAZINES.

Some magazines designed for 30 5.56 will get an 11th 458 round in, now THAT will be breaking the law. Just check them to be safe, I have only seen one that held 11 socom rounds...it was promptly destroyed when I rebuilt it to new status with a rebuild kit.

Also, you can buy a 30 round rebuild kit...and assemble it in good faith as a 10 round 458 Socom magazine if you own the 458 upper.

Use it in the 458 Socom as a 10 rounder ( Which it IS and WAS as you assembled it ...you did NOT manufacture a hi-cap...you assembled a 10 round 458 magazine ) , and later you can load 30 rounds of 5.56 in it and insert it into your 5.56 AR and rip off 30 rounds IF your 5.56 AR is Featureless.

If your 5.56 AR is BB equiped, you better damn well keep that magazine out of it....instant felony if you do.

It sure makes Featureless AR's appealing now doesnt it. :)

Here , read it from a moderator if want...


A little more...


Calguns is a wealth of information, isnt it great. :)

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Not to thread jack but I have a glock 23 with 10rnd 40s&w mags which can hold 12rnds of 9mm. I do have a lone wolf conversion barrle, but... :innocent: