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Tommy Gun
04-17-2012, 7:43 PM
This is my first post here and I hope that someone here can clear up the legalities of what my next 2 rifles would be. I have read the flow chart and searched for an answer for my question to no avail. I think what I want to do is legal but want to make sure from the great people on this site with more experience with this than me.

I want to get an AK first and RifleGear has the half converted model which works for me because I like the classic look to the AK for the furniture. My question is can I leave it in the "sporter" configuration and still install a Muzzle Break as it does have the threads. I want to keep it featureless for functionality. If and when I do decide to add the pistol grip the wrap around would still make it legal and featureless without having to grab the last 3 922 compliant parts correct? If not no biggie I can grab a new trigger set and Mags.

My second rifle would be a SIG 556 because it's different then a typical AR and is a complete system with no mix and match parts. My question is, a wrap around for the pistol grip would still make it compliant for featureless? Or would a regular non scoping stock be better?

04-17-2012, 8:58 PM
I'm assuming the AK at riflegear is a saiga. If thats the case you'll have to make it 922r compliant before you remove the thread protector. Don't confuse CA law with Federal. 922r is federal and has no bearing what so ever on the rifle being featureless or not. The minute that rifle is taken out of it's sporter configuration(threaded muzzle, pistol grip, AK mag conversion) it needs to have no more than 10 foreign made parts. As long as you've got that taken care of, you can add a wrapped grip or similar non-pistol grip alternative and as long as you have no flash hider, forward grip, folding stock etc...(flowchart here) you'll be good to go both federally and Cali.

As for the 556 to make it featureless you'll need to have a fixed stock, grip wrap(or similar, and remove the flash hider....Just use the interactive flowchart. You really cant go wrong.