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04-16-2012, 7:54 PM
Make: Imbel Reciever

Model: FNFAL

Caliber: 7.82 NATO

Location (SE LA County

Price: [ $1700.00/b]

Will ship (Y/N): [N/b]

[b]Other info: Prefer LA, OC, RS, SB, SD, V Counties


Mounted Millet 1x4x24 DSM1 scope on a SWFA detachable scope mount. Zeroed and never used.

DSA M1913 Picatinny rail cover (mounted).

6 NIP DSA replacement springs for mag kits.

15 magazine kits

Nylon cheek piece.

SAW pistol Grip.

16" DSA std bbl with three prong brake. (Less than 200 rounds fired).

New Gas piston and Spring (DSA Less than 200 rounds fired).

DSA bolt assembly (Rat Tail) less than 200 rounds fired.

Many other extras. Please PM with serious offers. Price can be negotiated.